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Professional Headlight Restoration Kits

This headlight restoration kit is for the professionals. This headlight restoration kit can restore an average of 30- 40 cars. This is a more chemical based headlight restoration kit, but may require a light grit sandpaper.
Step 1: Using a lint free paper towel, wipe PRETREATMENT back and forth across the lens until the towel no longer turns black or yellow.

Step 2: Wipe a pea-sized amount of the OXIDATION REMOVER back and forth across the lens using moderate pressure. If the lens surface is very gritty, use more O.R. and heavier pressure. Wipe all residue off with a lint free paper towel. This step is very important as it preps the lens for a secure bond of the SHINE RESTORER.
NOTE: If there are many pits in the headlight (which is very rare) you may need to take 1000-1500 grit sandpaper and lightly wet the sandpaper with PRETREATMENT and take the O.R. and lightly sand the headlight until the pits are gone.

Step 3: Apply SHINE RESTORER with a lint free paper towel quickly and smoothly across the lens. Is S.R.is drying to quickly then apply out of direct sunlight or add a little water.
NOTE: This process will only clear up the exterior surface of the lens. Excessively gritty lenses will not clear up as well as lenses that are just cloudy or yellow. This will still make a great improvement in the clarity of an aged headlight and at a fraction of the cost. This process will increase the value of the vehicle and help sell the vehicle.

Bright Lights Headlight Resurfacer
This new "state of the art" kit is used throughout the automotive, marine, and aviation industries. Effectively removing hazing, yellowing and fading from all acrylic surfaces.

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